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We're all in this together.....

Everybody has a history...part of what's contributed to who, what and where we are and is not available for changing. In one form or another, subconsciously, in our families, work, and social contacts, we all seek to replicate that past. It's familiar....good, bad, or otherwise.

 Like it or not, during times of stress, we humans default to what we know! 

That can be a mixed blessing; if you're struggling, stuck, or feeling as if something needs to change, individually, in your relationships with partners, co-workers, friends, or in your family, you can make changes for the better. 

(No, it's not everybody else!) First you need to reach out. 

If I'm not the right person, I'll help you find a more suitable match.

 Beware, I will always be respectful, compassionate, clear, and direct! You deserve to be respected and honesty with empathy, not sympathy, is respectful. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!



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